BankrLaw @ UIUC College of Law


Through a grant, the Endowment for Education of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges made this project possible.

This web site also would not have been possible without the work of dedicated students and professionals who labored long and hard to ensure the text and computer coding were accurate. We especially thank Poppy Johnston and Jan Maher of UNLV's Boyd School of Law for their work in entering the text of the Bankruptcy Code and then laboriously inserting the tags and other markup necessary to make the site work. We also are grateful to Mike Sanchez of Teknalagee, LLC, who did the programming and web editing for this site.

Last but by no means least, it is necessary to acknowledge the contributions of Judge Bruce Markell of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada. Prior to his ascension to the bench, Judge Markell worked on BankrLaw @ UNLV as a faculty member at the Boyd School of Law. Without Judge's Markell's involvement in conceptualizing the project and organizing the XML markup that makes this site work, there would be no BankrLaw @ UNLV.